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Madzi, water in Malawi E-mail
José Antonio de Lamadrid   

The lack of water impoverishes and maintains the under-development of one of the poorest countries of Africa.  In Malawi, 65% of the population live in extreme poverty. The agricultural sector employs 85% of the country’s workforce, which represents 90% of the national export revenue.  The majority of the malawians works the land to survive. The main crops are maize, sorghum, yucca, rice, cotton, tobacco, beans, peas and peanuts.  99% of the children under 5 years do not attend pre-school, and the rate of children registered in primary school is 53%.  Of it’s 13 million inhabitants, only 16% live in urban areas.

In September 2000, 147 Heads of State and 189 nations agreed to adopt the Millenium Development Objectives, to reduce by half, by the year 2015, the proportion of the world’s population that does not have sustainable access to safe sources of drinking water and basic sanitation. This objective will not be fulfilled. Malawi 2008


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