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Sahara, lives surrounded
Algeria 2010. The life in the camps of the Sahara is very demanding with its humble inhabitants. The temperatures in the shade can reach up to 55 degrees. Without resources, without crops, only some animals accompany the saharauis day after day. The international aid alleviates the pain. Each family receives a kilo of lentils, string beans, grazes, rice, some milk powder and a liter of oil per person monthly alongside with a bag of flour and a butane gas cylinder. The history of Sahara, goes back to the end of 1975, when Franco agonized in Spain. Morocco ignored ‘MarchVerde’ in order to avoid the referendum that the UN had promised to the saharaui town.    Before the invasion of the Moroccan army, thousands of saharauis fled to the desert. Algeria yielded some kilometers of dunes for humanitarian reasons to the displaced ones. In the Hamada de Tiduf, a district in the conflict area, attacked the camps of refugees.

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