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Memory of Reconciliation

Goyo Salcedo (Morata de Tajuña, Madrid 1944) is a pensioner who, since he was eight years old, gathers lost objects in the surronding fields of his town, the ancient fields battles. These half-buried objects belong to one of the fiercest battles of the Spanish Civil war: the Battle of Jarama. For fifty years, his conscience has forced him to cross with a metal detector the fields of village and the olive groves, and to assembling more than thrirty thousand pieces that today are exposed in the private Museum of the Jarama, which himself has created in Morata de Tajuña (Madrid). Goyo Salcedo continues pledging every day in reconciling two armies, two "Spains". He defines in this way his admirable will, "what I claim is that these objects could teach us to reject the war. All the dead men, the fear and the suffering are the same".

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