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David_EstradaDavid Estrada Larrañeta (Medellín. Colombia 1.973)

Between the mountains of Medellin, David Estrada is struck with the complex reality of a country which, by his colombian origin, he has been always concerned. Documenting its people, its spots, and the richest colombian cultural expressions, have been the way to begin to understand it thanks to photography, his way of life for the past 13 years.

The camera and his point of view-nourished by living in different parts of the world- point to the diverse and authentic cultural practices of the Latinamerican continent, to the particular  mixing of the different colombian regions and cultures, and to the ways of life and death inside Colombia, a country he returned after twenty years living in Europe. In newspapers such as el Diario de Sevilla and el Correo de Andalucia, in Spain, he succeeded, over eight years, to strengthen the visual tools needed in the daily exercise of photojournalism which today are part of the basis of his aesthetic language, exposed in cities like Berlin, Medellín, Groningen (Netherlands) and Sevilla thanks to independent exhibitions as ‘Glocalidades, ‘Sin Olor’ and  ‘Ojos mudos’ .


In recent years, in his hometown of Medellin, is also dedicated to directing photographic training spaces for children, youth, teachers, and victims of the armed conflict. Showing how, from images, individuals and societies can look, narrate, and find themselves.

His creative view is also contributed by his studies in photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Minerva in Holland, as well as multiple workshops in Germany, Colombia and Spain, with masters such as Alex Webb, Gervasio Sanchez and Stephen Ferry, among others .With Ferry he performed at the Amazon Biodiversity Workshop, organized by the Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano (FNPI), created and directed by the writer and Nobel Prize of Literature Gabriel García Márquez. 'A fragile treasure, Amazonas' was the series of photographs produced in this workshop, which won a POYi award in its first Latinamerican edition 2011.

Like much of his work, this story portrays the colonial imprint that survives in the latin culture. As the violence inherited in the years of conquest, religion and the striking gap between social classes are held in the latin reality today. Capture it in images is one of the searches in the work of DavidEstrada, which, while showing inequalities, he makes memory of the vital momment that runs through Latin America in a world that needs more and more, the leadership of the third world beyond the acts of violence and underdevelopment.

In 2010 he founded, along with three other photographers the documentary Bluephoto agency.

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