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loloLolo Vasco Rodríguez ( Monesterio, Badajoz. España 1.969 )

Social worker turned photographer, has an innate ability to share his life with others and this, along with a look attached to the ground, make him a committed photographer.

Aware that the world will move between every body and convinced of the power image to remove awareness and generate small changes in our immediate environment, is excited to count, through photography, daily stories from anywhere in the world.

His beginnings as a social worker in Latin America, agree with your first steps as a photographer, he began to collaborate with local newspapers and the agency ACAN-EFE. Often said that the camera has taken him other landscapes such as Palestine, the Saharawi camps in Algeria, Cuba, Chile, Morocco and Turkish Kurdistan where he developed a project currently.

He has published many of these works in media such as Der Spiegel, The New York Times, El Mercurio Chilean or El Quetzalteco of Guatemala. As in the Spanish Hoy, Diario de Sevilla and Diario Vasco.

From Extremadura based in Seville, divided their time between orders for different media, producers, agencies and government administration, including attempts to develop their personal projects. Work some years ago in cultural events like the San Sebastian Jazz Festival and San Sebastian Film Festival, the Bienal of Flamenco, Territories Music Festival and the Seville Film Festival.

It was co-organizer of the festival SevillaFoto.

We can do special mentions several exhibitions about his works: 'Women in transit', it roam throughout the island of Cuba. "Corners of the World ', in Guatemala City', “Intimate portrait of Cuba 'presented in SevillaFoto and 'Pure Jazz ', it was in Lisbon, San Sebastian, Madrid, Seville and Monesterio.

Despite being self-taught documentary photography never neglected his education and training. Therefore, its narrative capacity is growing at the hands of photographers such as Pep Bonet, Cristina García Rodero, José Manuel Navia and Matias Costa among others.

In 2010 he founded, along with three other photographers the documentary Bluephoto agency.

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