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Holy Week in Seville
Holy Week in Seville is the commemoration of the passion and death of Christ through the performing processions confraternities to the Cathedral of the city during the period between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. During those days , 61 fraternities make their way around the streets and 10 more they do on the 2 days before , Good Friday and Easter Saturday .

Apart from the religious aspects, the Holy Week in Seville is a phenomenon of socio-cultural , tourism and economic character of great importance in the city, has been declared of International Tourist Interest , constituting one of the great festivals of spring, with the April Fair . Holy Week in the city is one of the most important in Spain and has international resonance in the Catholic world.

Seville was the center of the discovery of America in Spain , settled in the valley of the Guadalquivir , where ships from Sanlúcar rose in the seventeenth and eighteenth century , lived its golden age at this time .
Settled in the capital aristocracy and the grandees of Spain, churches and convents were founded, to which were surrounded by artists and sculptors like Roland or Hita del Castillo and painters such as Zurbaran and Murillo . Great temples were erected magnificent altarpieces and guilds of silversmiths and potters who formed the guilds around images containing the temples, giving rise to Seville Holy Week were formed.

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