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Los nuevos conversos Sufíes en España.

Cambría, Cáceres, Spain

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Coptic minority in Egypt

Cairo (Egypt), 2011

Mark the Evangelist- also known as Saint Mark, the author of the Gospel that bears his name- moved to Egypt around 43 B.C., 10 years after the death of Jesus, where he founded in the city of Alexandria the first Christian church in the country. We can say that the origin of the Coptic community dates back to the early years of Christianity as a religion.


Nights of Victory

Cairo (Egypt), 2011

Just one week after the ends of the White revolution in Egypt, young people concentrate every Friday night at the most centric and important Cairo squares. They celebrate the triumph revolts and the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, which was in power for more than thirty years.


Holy Week in Seville


Holy Week in Seville is the commemoration of the passion and death of Christ through the performing processions confraternities to the Cathedral of the city during the period between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. During those days , 61 fraternities make their way around the streets and 10 more they do on the 2 days before , Good Friday and Easter Saturday .


Three, Three, Three

Seville, Spain, 2012-13

Alejandro, Álvaro and Jaime  are 18 years old brothers,  they were born triplets with autism, a complex neurological disorder that affects about 1 in 166 children in the world.

Children affected by autism spectrum disorder can have a wide variety of symptoms including problems with communication and socialization skills.

These makes them incapable of normal social relationships.


Portraits of freedom

Tahrir Square , Cairo. (Egypt), 2011

The 25th of January 2011, thousands of Egyptian citizens concentrated at the Tahrir square in Cairo. Those young people were not conscious of the beginning of a revolution, the one that began in a spontaneous and unexpected way.


Sahara, lives surrounded

Saharauis refugee camp, Tinduf (Algeria), 2010

Algeria 2010. The life in the camps of the Sahara is very demanding with its humble inhabitants. The temperatures in the shade can reach up to 55 degrees. Without resources, without crops, only some animals accompany the saharauis day after day.


Water in Malawi

Malawi, 2008

Malawi 2008. The lack of water impoverishes and maintains the under-development of one of the poorest countries of Africa. In Malawi, 65% of the population live in extreme poverty.

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