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The Crossroads Palestine


"Palestine is already low. Step by step, Israel is obliterated. Since 1948, the Palestinians are condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can not even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, their everything. I do not even have the right to choose their rulers. To be justified, the State terrorism terrorist manufactures: crop sowing hatred and alibis. Settlers invade, and after them the soldiers are correcting the border "

Eduardo Galeano


Neighbors Corrala "Utopía"

Seville, (Spain) 2012

36 families who became homeless because of the crisis, have occupied a building of new construction in Seville, which was still uninhabited almost 3 years ago after being finished. It is their way to demand to the authorities to find solutions for the thousands of families who are homeless.Only in the province of Seville, more than 6,000 families have lost their homes in the past two years while around 114,000 homes, many of them owned by banks, remain empty.


"Spain Destiny", Senegaleses immigrants in Almeria

Roquetas de Mar, Almería 2010

"Everyone is concerned about the issue of immigration, but nobody cares"
Martin Aldalur


Trapped. An intimate portrait of Cuba

Cuba 2008

When you arrive in Cuba you have the pleasant sensation of traveling back into the past: Cars, buses, bicycles, houses, buildings, bars, hotels, seem to be fixed in time, but its charm veils both disappointment and failure for many citizens...


Jihad by the inclusion

Paris, 2012

While the French President François Hollande, intends to approve a law allowing gay marriage, one of them, an Algerian-born French gay, opens a new gap. Since last November 30, heterosexual, homosexual Muslims, men and women, can pray together, every Friday in the same temple.


Flood Eden

Ilisu dam, Tigris valley. Turkey

The Turkish Government is driven a pharaonic project Southeast of Anatolia, which provides for the construction of 22 swamps – some of them, already built - and 19 hydroelectric plants in the Valley of the Tigris, as the intended engine of the country's development. The majority Kurdish community in this area, alleged that the project intends the double disperse its people in order to dilute its identity and put an end to their culture.


Afertoon of bullfight

Maestranza de Sevilla, April 2009

Five in the afternoon, tea time in England, bullfight time in Seville.From a bird's eye view, the environment of the Maestranza bullring is a colorful anthill. The public arrived with a full kit of props: clean shoes, a cigar in the mouth, a cardigan on the shoulder and a small pillow.

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