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Viernes, 07 de Septiembre de 2012

Refugees in Istambul

August 2012

More than 150.000 people are refugees in Turkey. 50.000 of them are trapped in Istambul. Every day close to 3.000 people cross the border of Turkey looking for their dream to reach Europe. The mayority of them come from Iran, Irak, Afganistan, Africa, ex-soviet republics and Syria.  They seek to escape from the situation in their countries of origin: wars, oppressive political regimes, torture...In their attempt to reach Greece and European Union countries, Istanbul becomes a prison where it is impossible to  to go ahead or come back, moreover of the indifference from Turkish Government.

Women suffer this desperate situation with special harshness. Mothers with children, normally repudiated by their families, under psicological trauma, most of them tortured, alone and without any income, unable to speak Turkish and and without a visa or work permit, becomes refugees or ilegal inmigrants awaiting for ACHNUR assign them a third asylum country. These procedures usually take years, and in many cases, never get to occur. Their trauma sometimes don´t allow them to go out of their houses because they are scared from everybody thus just they spend the time at home expecting for a better future that never comes.

This is a part of a of a personal photo project still in progress, about ilegal inmigrants and refuggees in Istambul.

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